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The WVU Figure Skating Club participates in USFSA's Intercollegiate Competition Series.

Intercollegiate skating team members

Team Members at MIT

WVU Figure Skating Intercollegiate Team Members enjoying a competition at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston, MA.

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The WVU Figure Skating Club has participated in USFSA's Intercollegiate Skating Program for the last eight seasons. Intercollegiate team skating allows skaters with any and all levels of experience to continue to compete throughout their education. As an intercollegiate team member, you can compete individually, and may also participate in team maneuvers with other skaters from WVU to help the university's team overall standing. Intercollegiate skating is a great way to travel, make friends, and represent the university. 

For more information on intercollegiate team skating and the competition series, check out U.S. Figure Skating

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